Let the everlasting beauty
of custom handcrafted blooms
top your next head-turner.

Sugar Flower Fairy Godmother – at your service

I’m here to help make your creation ready for its close-up
with custom Sugar Flower designs that integrate seamlessly into your vision.

(And hey, maybe 26 years from now, they’re still talking about you—you’ll have gifted them a timeless hand-me-down cake topper for someone else’s “something borrowed.”)

… you’re sketching out a designer cake & bringing your A-game.

Whether you’re baking up your secret family recipe lemon poppy cake with blueberry coulis … fan-favorite tiramisu cake infused with coffee and dark chocolate ganache … or (my fav) chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and chocolate buttercream …

What if you could gift your clients with enchanting keepsakes that remind them of their grandmother’s garden … first date bouquet … or favorite trip?

Your clients picked you to trust with their order for a reason.

Leave the hunching over the counter meticulously placing stamens & petals to me.

Set down the spatula.

And if the order calls for a 50-bloom bundle like hydrangea or lilly-of-the-valley? Hoo boy.

  • the oven going off
  • the mother of the bride calling for the 80th time
  • the clients ringing the door to pick up their tasting, and
  • the wedding planner calling to tell you this weekend’s bride switched florist companies again

And that’s without being interrupted by:

It takes an average of 26 minutes to make one Sugar Flower.

You’ll finally be able to stop staying up until 2 a.m. staring bleary-eyed at your computer screen trying to recreate those out-of-season flowers that your client absolutely must have on her cake—

—or worse, being stuck with a questionable assortment of wilted,
half-forgotten flowers the day of the event.

Outsourcing your custom Sugar Flowers to me is how you’ll start adding hours back into your work schedule without compromising your artistic integrity, with the added bonus of knowing your flowers are expertly taken care of.

When you work with my boutique


We’ll start with an original design proposal and sketch created by an experienced Sugar Artist. Let’s match Pantones and plan a unique, unexpected arrangement to top the cake layers you’ll be baking. Bring on the gorgeous gumpaste dreams!

Sugar Flower Studio, here’s what you get—

A behind-the-scenes peek along with progress shots of your order—frills, pearls, foliage, and ruffles: you’ll see exactly what’s in the architecture of your custom blooms. Final photographs are sent to you to approve before shipping


After you’ve signed off on the final artistry, the blooms are coming your way: Insured shipping with the Delicate-but-Durable shipping guarantee means I've got your back if your flowers are broken during shipping.


From foxgloves to tulips, you’ll get expert hand-holding to answer any leaf-and-petal-placing questions or concerns once you receive your package. I’ll send video tutorials, including how to arrange the flowers, how to unbox and store them, & how to fix any minor day-of damage that may occur during festivities.


Before the final bon voyage when the flowers head your way, I’ll send some glamour shots of the flowers so you can approve the final design.


Your custom quote & order will be tailored for you—step away from the kitchen counter, I’ll be spinning sugar into blooms while you get some time back.


Shoot me a message & let’s start talking! This is your invitation to start designing the wedding cake of your Martha Stewart Weddings-cover dreams.


The Kelsie Cakes Process

look  good

Schedule a complimentary call with me to answer those thorny questions—what are you waiting for?

… I’m here to share my 10+ years of experience 
and make you look good.

Whether you’ve never used Sugar Flowers on a cake
—or are stuck trying to figure out which flowers
embody your client’s big day (hyacinths or dogwood?) …

– Portia

“Kelsie made custom lily-of-the-valley Sugar Flowers for my bakery. She went above and beyond to make sure my order was perfect. I would also like to comment that she is very easy to work with. Super flexible and reasonable.”


“She went above and beyond to make sure my order was perfect."

Please note I only book 2-3 clients each month + spots typically book out 6-12 weeks ahead

You can expect to pay between $500-$1,500 for a fully custom Sugar Flower arrangement designed your wedding cake. 

Lots go into your quote—
like cake size, amount of detail, timing.

Let’s get talking to see how
we can bring your vision to life!

Spend thousands of dollars learning from (& traveling to!) the top Sugar Art educators in the world

Pay hundreds of dollars for specialized veiners, cutters, and petal dusts

Clear out an unused shelf for storing all the flowers in their various work-in-progress stages (props to you for having an unused shelf)

Test every kind of tote you can find from The Container Store to Target for the best storage solutions

Pay an employee (plus taxes and benefits) to do all of the above while you work on bringing in more clients and running the business

You could:

Design proposal & botanical sketch created by a Sugar Artist with a decade of experience
– $160 value

A behind the scenes peek along with progress shots of your order
– $180 value

Final photographs sent for your approval before shipping
– $90 value

Fully insured shipping with our “Delicate-but-Durable” Guarantee
– $200

If your flowers are broken during shipping, I’ll send you a replacement (or a refund if it is too close to your event date)
– up to $1200

Follow up after delivery to answer any questions or concerns
– $90 value

Video tutorials, including how to arrange the flowers, how to unbox and store them, how to repair minor damage
– $275 value

Past customers get priority for custom order spots
– Priceless 😉

Your custom Sugar Flowers include…

Step away from the Hobart
and consider for a moment…

Or— hear me out— you could hire an experienced Sugar Artist who will handle the fine-tuning of petals & the mess that Forest Green Fondust can make while you stick to your zone of genius and put all that money you just saved back into your profits.

– Stephanie

“Our roses came out AMAZING for the wedding cake. Extremely great quality and attention to detail, very well packed, and THE BEST customer service. Kelsie responded to every message I sent so quickly and was so helpful. We will absolutely order from here again, and you shouldn’t think twice if you’re on the fence - Kelsie Cakes is the best of the best!”

“We will absolutely order from here again, and you shouldn’t think twice if you’re on the fence"


In the unlikely event that your flowers are damaged during shipping, please contact me to file your claim. Send in photos of the broken flower and packaging, and we’ll work together to figure out if you need a repair, a replacement, or a refund.

The Delicate-But-Durable Shipping Guarantee

My goal—
save you time without compromising your quality or artistic vision.

I know how stressful this industry can be– with deadlines and shortages and difficult clients– and I’m here to alleviate stress, not cause it. It is never my intention to disappoint my clients. I’m only human and if I get it wrong, and you didn’t get a 5-star experience from the beginning, I’m going to make the situation right.

This industry is tough, but
you don’t have to go it alone.

I got your back.

– Sherece

Kelsie is AMAZING!!! We spent several months figuring out the type of flowers and getting the color just right. We had a slight miscommunication during production and had to redo the flowers after they were shipped. She corrected them and shipped in record time. If I ever need any Sugar Flowers for anything else, I will buy from her.

“If I ever need any Sugar Flowers for anything else, I will buy from her"

How do I take care of the Sugar Flowers before I use them?

You’ve got questions?
I’ve got answers.

Sugar Flowers are shelf-stable at room temperature, due to their sugar content and low moisture. Keep the flowers out of direct sunlight (it can fade the colors) as well as extreme heat/cold, and especially out of humidity. Some refrigerators (especially walk-in coolers) nare very humid and can cause the flowers to melt, so I recommend placing the flowers on your cake right before delivery or pick up. 

How soon will I receive my flowers?

Custom orders take a minimum of 4-6 weeks to create before shipping. Shipping takes about 3-5 days in the US via the Post Office. International shipping can take up to 6 weeks. 

Are Sugar Flowers edible?

Sugar Flowers are made with edible ingredients (gumpaste, egg whites, sugar) however they also contain non-edible materials such as wires which are used to hold the petals together and arrange the flowers. The wired flowers are not meant to be eaten, and should be removed prior to serving your cake. Here's the youtube video I recorded to answer this question:

Is it safe to ship the flowers? What if they break?

I've shipped thousands of flowers since I started my shop, and I've found the best way to safely package your flowers is with lots of padding and fragile stickers! I've had very few packages arrive damaged. However, I can't guarantee what happens at the post office once I drop off your order. I always recommend ordering far in advance to account for damage or delays, and to order extra flowers if you're in a time crunch. In the unlikely event that your flowers are damaged during shipping, please contact me and we’ll work together to figure out if you need a replacement or a refund.

What if I’ve never used Sugar Flowers before?

When you order your Sugar Flowers from Kelsie Cakes, you’ll feel totally comfortable decorating the cake yourself. I’ll provide videos and tutorials to take you through every step, from unpacking the Sugar Flowers to actually putting them on the cake. It’ll be our little secret about how simple it is to transform a plain cake into an edible work of art. 😉

Yikes, I just don’t think I can spend that right now!
Why are they so expensive?

After working in the wedding cake industry for over ten years, I can spot the difference between mass-produced-in-a-factory gumpaste flowers and artistically crafted, made-by-hand, no-cutting-corners Sugar Flowers… and the flowers you see on my website fall into the second category!
Honestly, I will geek out over comparing colors and studying fresh flowers, and I’m not aware of a low-cost alternative that provides the same level of detail and expertise.
I’ll spend hours delicately wrapping up individual petals, so your flowers arrive just as beautiful and undamaged as when they left my studio.
How many other Sugar Flower shops can say they offer a shipping guarantee without up-selling insurance fees, or just leave you hanging?
I would love the chance to help celebrate some of life’s most important moments and create some nature-inspired, handcrafted Sugar Flowers just for you and your next edible masterpiece. 

I don’t think I have time for this??

I totally get it! I get analysis paralysis when shopping online all. the. time. Too many options! Decision fatigue! Mom brain!

You can schedule a 15-minute consultation call with me to figure out your options. Or you can just e-mail me your cake design, and I’ll take it from there!

You’ll save sooo much time in the long run
and you won’t have to worry about making a million rose petals at 2 a.m. the Thursday before a wedding!

Do you offer refunds?

Sugar Flowers are meant to be used as decorations on food so unfortunately, I am not able to accept returns for food safety reasons.

If you are unhappy with your order, please contact me with your concerns so I can make the situation right for you.

What if I only make my Sugar Flowers in-house?

I love this question! When I’m working with you to create the Sugar Flowers for your cake design, you are the visionary. I’m here to help make your life easier, because let’s face it, creating wedding cakes is a huge endeavor and you don’t always have time for making flowers. My goal is for your Sugar Flowers to elevate and complement the detail and artistry that you put into every one of your edible masterpieces. 

I have more questions, how can I get in touch?

I love to help, so send your questions my way! You can send me an email, or click on the chat button at the bottom of this screen. I respond to messages Monday through Friday.
Please allow 2 business days for a response. 

… I say we knock one out of the park for your client, too.
Bring the art and science of botanically-accurate sugar blooms to your next masterpiece.

Hey, if Sugar-Flower decked cakes are good enough for Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds, Dylan Lauren (Ralph’s daughter) and Serena Williams on their wedding days …

Hey, if sugar-flower-decked cakes are good enough for Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds,
Dylan Lauren (Ralph’s daughter)
and Serena Williams on their wedding days … 

Thank you for reaching out!

Please fill out the form below and I will be in touch with my availability and our next steps together. I can't wait to work with you!