mother and son playing together
mother and son playing together

Mother’s Day Sugar Flower Collection

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It’s almost Mother's Day, which doesn’t seem right at all. Wasn’t it just Easter? Isn’t it still April?

Technically, yes. But we’ve got two weeks to go!

Luckily, I've got plenty of beautiful, ready-to-ship Sugar Flowers in stock that would make the perfect topper for your Mother's Day cakes.

trayscaping of mother's day sugar flowers with coffee and breakfast in bed

Wait, what? That’s a thing?

Yes, duh, it’s totally a thing. My kiddo is only one, but if he were older, I’d totally be expecting some delicious baked goods (no pressure, son!)

A party without a cake is just a celebration, right?

So spoil your mom this year: get her a cake and a keepsake so she can brag on you for years to come.

Start building up those brownie points before Christmas.

Magnolias for Mama: The Mother’s Day Sugar Flower Collection

One of my favorite flowers (and yours, too! I can barely keep it in stock!) is the white and gold magnolia I sell in the shop. This would make a perfect Sugar Flower to celebrate the occasion!

My handcrafted magnolia sugar flower is sure to add an elegant touch to your cakes with its stunning gold center and complimentary deep green leaves. The flower is made on a flexible floral wire * stem for easy placement on your cake. Sugar Flowers make wonderful keepsakes for remembering your favorite cakes and honoring your most important people. And bonus, they won't wilt like fresh flowers!

Modern magnolia sugar flower by kelsie cakes

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