how to use sugar flowers on your cake
how to use sugar flowers on your cake

Using sugar flowers on your cake (the easy way) with Kelsie

Sugar Flower FAQs

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Using Sugar Flowers might sound daunting at first, but I’m about to show you how I make it easy! With over 10 years working in the cake industry (plus a lifetime passion for cakes and flowers), I like to think I know a thing or two 😉 And I’m happy to pass along my knowledge. Here we go! →

Unboxing and Styling Sugar Flowers

demo of woman using sugar flowers to decorate a wedding cake

Arranging sugar flowers on a cake does not have to be complicated!

After you’ve done your research on sugar flowers for cakes for sale, then purchased the best and prettiest flowers you can find (in my shop, of course! 😉), you’re ready to put them on your way.

Watch the video below for a quick and easy way to place flowers on your cake.

Did you find the video helpful?

I’ve got another resource for you! You can download my guide for my 6 best tips to reference when you’re decorating your cake.

What’s the big deal with these flowers anyway?

Sugar Flowers are shelf-stable at room temperature, due to their sugar content and low moisture. Because they have such a long shelf life, they are perfect for keeping around for last-minute cake orders, or ordering ahead of time so you don’t have to worry about delayed shipping.

It’s best to store the flowers out of direct sunlight (it can fade the colors) as well as in extreme heat/cold, and especially out of humidity. Some refrigerators are very humid and can cause the flowers to melt, so I recommend placing the flowers on your cake before serving. Each flower arrives in a box suitable for storage and comes with a care guide.

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