valentines day sugar flowers for cakes
valentines day sugar flowers for cakes

Valentine’s Day Sugar Flower Collection

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Introducing the 2022 Valentine’s Day Sugar Flower Collection

Valentine’s Day is a month away! (Already??) …Actually less. I meant to write this post on Friday but here we are on Tuesday, so better late than never!

close up of a red rose sugar flower

Last night, my husband and I were talking about our Valentine’s Day plans. We don’t like going out that night, because it’s crowded and we don’t have time for that. He offered to cook a steak, but then we thought about it and decided, we always make steak for special occasions. Let’s mix it up. He asked, “What do you want?” and I said without hesitation “Zaxby’s wings.”

A beat later, we both look at each other like… did we get wings last year for Valentine’s Day?

Yes. Yes we did. Guess our tastes haven’t changed much in the last year. (I also made some baked Brie for lunch… that sounds really good too!)

And when it comes to Valentine’s Day flowers, the tastes don’t change up much either. Red roses are always, always popular.


But if you think they’re a little cliche, maybe we can think outside the box: peonies, dahlias, anemones… all flowers are perfect!

I’ve added a few preorders for Valentine’s Day. Order before 2/4/22 so they arrive in time. You can also order ready-to-ship open roses. The Preorder designs will be marked, so you know when to expect the delivery!

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