kitchern shelf showing bowls and cake stands
kitchern shelf showing bowls and cake stands

Kelsie Cakes’ January 2022 Updates

Behind the Scenes

Happy New Year! I’m so excited for this fresh start, blank page, and all the wonderful cliches about the new year! Kelsie Cakes has some big things in store for 2022.

But mostly I’m excited to be making Sugar Flowers and connecting with you guys again. It was nice to take a few weeks off but I am definitely ready to get back into the action!

So let’s have a run down of all the updates here at Kelsie Cakes, shall we?

  • I am currently only able to take 2 custom orders a month so if you need a personalized design, please contact me soon
  • I made a survey! I’d love to get your take on Kelsie Cakes and what your experiences have been like. So click right here and spill all the tea, good and bad.
  • The Etsy shop is getting a refresh, but if you don’t see a flower you want, check out The Shop on this here website. I’m adding new colors, flowers, and bundles as fast as I can.
  • Looking for more ways to contact me? Good news, I’ve worked that one out as well! You’ll see a little button in the bottom right of your screen. If you’ve got any questions, pop them in there and I will be happy to assist
  • Also, if you’re not subscribed to the newsletter, why not?! You’ll get all the breaking news, updates, product drops, restocks, sales info, baby gifs, and so much more! (and by more I mean, blog posts & video updates & cake photos)
  • And I have a TikTok now, go show it some love ❣️ And if not for my sake, then for the sake of my new social media manager who may or may not also be my little brother. Kids these days, so good at technology!

Text against a purple and ivory background that says turn your cake into an edible work of art. Guide to styling sugar flowers like a pro. Free guide inside! Download your guide free today’ with an outline of a laptop computer and an example image of the downloadable guide.

Kelsie Cakes' January 2022 Updates Sugar Flowers by Kelsie Cakes