Going wedding cake shopping? Here's what you need to know Sugar Flowers by Kelsie Cakes
Going wedding cake shopping? Here's what you need to know Sugar Flowers by Kelsie Cakes

Going wedding cake shopping? Here’s what you need to know

Sugar Flower FAQs

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If you’re newly engaged, first of all, congratulations! 🤩🎉🥂

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You’re probably being bombarded with emails and advertisements from The Knot, Wedding Wire, Zola, Pottery Barn, David’s Bridal, etc etc etc.

This stuff can be overwhelming!

I hope today I can help you feel less overwhelmed and more… whelmed when it comes to shopping around for your wedding cake. It’s not just about picking a flavor!

And if you are newly engaged, then you’ll want to bookmark this one. Wedding cakes are often one of the last items to be decided on since their design relies so heavily on other aspects of your wedding, such as venue, guest list, and wedding dress style. A rule of thumb in my area is to reach out to bakers 6 months before the wedding but after you’ve booked the other vendors.

The wedding cake workbook

This is the list of things to share with your baker at the consultation.

It’s a good idea to know them ahead of time, bring your list with you!

  1. Name + Contact Info for Florist
  2. Name + Contact Info for Planner
  3. Name + Contact Info for Caterer
  4. Name + Contact Info for Venue Coordinator
  5. How many guests you’re expecting
  6. Time and Location of Reception. And by location, I mean inside or outside
  7. Will your reception be a room flip?
  8. Are there any allergies or dietary restrictions your baker needs to be aware of? (Definitely mention this when you’re making the appointment!)
  9. Your mood board or Pinterest board.
  10. The most design important information your baker needs is: what flowers you’re using, the color palette you’ve chosen, any patterns on the wedding dress for matching, and if there are any specific styles you’re working with (art deco, traditional, vintage, boho, etc etc)
Going wedding cake shopping? Here's what you need to know Sugar Flowers by Kelsie Cakes

And a list of questions for you to ask them.

Many of these questions can be answered by perusing the FAQ section of your baker’s website, but some questions will be specific to your event.

  1. Have they ever worked at your venue before?
  2. Are they licensed and insured? (Venues often require this)
  3. what is the pricing structure (some go by design, some go by cake slice, it all depends)
  4. Do you use buttercream, fondant, or both?
  5. Can I see some of your past work?
  6. Do you make/sell cake toppers or will I need to find them somewhere else?
  7. Do you rent cake stands?
  8. Does it cost extra to put fresh flowers on the cake?
  9. Have you ever worked with my florist before?
  10. What information do I need to pass along to my wedding planner (such as cake table set-up and delivery information)?
  11. Or will you work directly with my wedding planner?
  12. How many deliveries are you doing on my wedding day?
Going wedding cake shopping? Here's what you need to know Sugar Flowers by Kelsie Cakes

And finally, a list of questions you and your baker will decide on together at the consultation.

  1. What are the flavors?
  2. How big will the cake be?
  3. What flavor(s) will the cake be?
  4. What will the cake stand be?
  5. What time is delivery scheduled for?
  6. How will the cake table be decorated, and who will provide the decor items (such as linen, candles, flowers, and displays)?
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Other Considerations

Sometimes, your wedding cake is part of a wedding package, so you may not get total design freedom like you would with a fully custom bakery. This can be a good thing if you suffer from decision fatigue or if the wedding cake isn’t a top priority for you.

It’s always a good idea to touch base with whoever is making your cake, whether that’s the hotel or a contracted baker because you want to make sure that a) the cake is delicious and b) the cake is beautiful.

And yes, you can have both!

It’s a long list, and it might seem overwhelming at first, but since the wedding cake is usually one of the last items to check off your list, you’ll probably already have answers to most of these questions!

The wedding cake workbook

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