box of magnolia sugar flowers
box of magnolia sugar flowers

How far in advance can I order Sugar Flowers?

Sugar Flower FAQs

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Sugar Flowers are shelf-stable at room temperature.

Which means the short answer to the question how far in advance can I order Sugar Flowers is:

as soon as you want to!

I wrote a blog post explaining how Sugar Flowers are made and why they can last for so long in low-moisture conditions. (Wanna read it? Check it out here)

What is Gumpaste?

Okay, so we’re on the same page: Sugar Flowers can be ordered months in advance as long as they’re stored correctly.

But what does that mean?!

how to store sugar flowers graphic link for download

Tell me – how long can I store my Sugar Flower before use?

Before you order your Sugar Flowers, you want to make sure that they can be stored for an extended period of time.

After all, these Sugar Flowers are not just any old impulse buy.

You’re buying them to decorate a cake! To celebrate an occasion! You’re buying something special here. Of course you want to make sure they last until you’re ready for the cake.

Good news, early birds and people who love to cross things off their to do lists!

How far in advance can I order Sugar Flowers?

You can order your Sugar Flowers as soon as you are ready.

The flowers will last until you’re ready to use them (and even after!), provided you follow the storage instructions that I include with every package.

As far as storage goes, I like to keep my flowers in non-clear boxes, because light (especially sunlight) can fade the food dye used to color the flowers. Purple and pink are more prone to fading, so those definitely go in a solid opaque Rubbermaid bin lined with foam (which your flowers will come shipped with) or another soft padding. Don’t forget to add a couple of desiccant packets as well to absorb any humidity.

What if I put the Sugar Flowers in a clear storage bin in the basement?

This idea would totally work! It checks off all the boxes: keeping your flowers away from sunlight, heat, and humidity.

Just don’t keep your fluorescent basement lightbulbs on 24/7!

And for extra protection against humidity? Make sure the lid on your container is snapped shut. My favorite little moisture control tool: desiccant packets.

How far in advance can I order Sugar Flowers? Sugar Flowers by Kelsie Cakes

How far in advance should I order for optimized freshness?

Fresh flowers definitely need to be timed for their optimum freshness.

For example, when you buy roses from they arrive as rosebuds and only last about a week.

  • We ship our roses in bud form. Once the rose is processed and hydrated, the bloom will open to a much larger size.

  • We ship our roses with guard petals intact to protect the roses while travelling and might cause the rose to look distorted, discolored and/or bruised. Once you are ready to process your roses, you may need to remove up to 8 guard petals per rose to reveal the pristine quality rose bloom.

  • Expected vase life is an average of 8 days with proper care.

Fifty Flowers

So if you’re buying fresh flowers online, you definitely have to time it correctly!

With Sugar Flowers, the timing is a lot more flexible! As long as you’ve got your cake design picked out, a safe storage spot, and leave enough time for shipping and delivery, nothing can stop you!

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Sugar Flowers

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How far in advance can I order Sugar Flowers? Sugar Flowers by Kelsie Cakes
How far in advance can I order Sugar Flowers? Sugar Flowers by Kelsie Cakes

For the cake

How far in advance can I order Sugar Flowers? Sugar Flowers by Kelsie Cakes
How far in advance can I order Sugar Flowers? Sugar Flowers by Kelsie Cakes

Will the Sugar Flowers go stale or go bad if I order too far in advance?

I’ve been making Sugar Flowers since high school and selling them online for over 7 years. However, I thought I’d do some research to see what the other experts say regarding Sugar Flower shelf life.

Here’s a quote from Caljava, a company that sells ready-made gumpaste flowers:

Sugarflowers keep for several years and can be even kept and used past their “best by” date, as long as their are kept safe and away from direct sunlight and moisture.


I also read a wonderful article interviewing Ron Ben-Isreal and this quote about his Sugar Flowers is a great explanation

…Sugar is a natural preservative so when it’s dry, unless there’s moisture, it will last technically forever.

– Ron Ben-Isreal

(side note: go check out the rest of the article, it is a delightful read!)

How far in advance can I order Sugar Flowers? Sugar Flowers by Kelsie Cakes

Just curious if there’s a downside to placing my order in advance?


I can’t think of one! I often make Sugar Flowers in advance ahead of the busy wedding season (a trick I learned from watching Ron Ben-Isreal from afar. By afar, I mean on Instagram) and store them in my studio/office.

I live in Florida so it can get preeeetty hot and humid around here.

By keeping my office temperatures below 78 and humidity levels under 70% most days and storing the flowers in Rubbermaid bins before shipping, I’m able to keep the flowers in tip-top shape for you!

My biggest struggle is keeping the flowers in stock! Every flower I make is created, packaged, and shipped by (my) hand so inventory can often go low during the super busy wedding season time.

One way I’ll try to manage inventory levels better in 2023 is offering pre-sale opportunities. This will give you a chance to order your Sugar Flowers in advance so you can cross that off your to-do list!

I’ll be able to focus on the flowers that are the most popular, so I can give my customers what they want the most!

And since it’s no fun to wait around for a happy mail day, I’ll also offer discounts and bundled promotions as a thank you for waiting for me to create and ship your Sugar Flowers!

Want an even easier way to estimate when to order?

For a downloadable version, here’s my Sugar Flower Storage PDF checklist

How far in advance can I order Sugar Flowers? → Pin it for quick reference

How far in advance can I order Sugar Flowers? Sugar Flowers by Kelsie Cakes

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