Straight From The Land Of Swirly, Twirly GumDrops Paste

à la carte pickings from my sugary kitchen garden  


– Gina

"These are the most stunningly beautiful, intricate, lovingly packaged flowers I have ever seen in my life. I have ordered Sugar Flowers from so many different people and never have they been this beautiful or this carefully packaged. Absolutely breathtaking! Kelsie does incredible work and I will definitely use her again and recommend her to everyone. I had sent her a picture of what I was looking for and she created it flawlessly and perfectly. It was more gorgeous in person than I could have ever imagined!"

Beautiful. Intricate. Breathtaking.

Beautiful. Intricate. Breathtaking.

– Hope

I just found my brand new favorite business for my cakes. Thank you so much Kelsie for the sweet note and the flowers look AMAZING. They came before the actual due date, were packaged SOOO well, and such amazing quality for the price. I was recently on a show competition with many other pastry chefs and we talked about how we don’t have time to make flowers, now I’m going to recommend them all to buy from here.

I just found my brand new favorite business for my cakes.


Hey, we’ve all been there.
These curated bundles of Sugar Flowers will save you from hours of cake sketching and flower making.

(Psssst, they’re also ready for shipping!)

Need a quick design? Last minute order?

Blushing Bride Bundle

Burgundy Bundle

The Golden Bundle

The Classic Cascade

Super-awesome customer service

Handcrafted, botanically-realistic flowers

Fast shipping +
my Delicate-but-Durable Shipping promise

Why choose Kelsie Cakes?

Best part about Sugar Flowers? These emotion-evoking sweets are shelf-stable—
tuck some of these exclusive confections away to surprise & delight your clients.

Limited-Edition Drop —
Grab them while they're still in stock:

Handpainted Orange Open Rose

Burgundy Poinsettia

Dried Florals — Magnolia

White Poinsettia

“I need assistance from an amazingly helpful, highly responsive expert, and suggestions for designing my cake.”

Decorating cakes for a living isn’t for the faint of heart (no matter how glamorous Netflix tries to make it look)— you work looooong nights and weekends and spend so many thankless hours in the kitchen. Even when the spotlight is on your cake at the wedding, even when your cake tastes as incredible as it looks, even when you’re featured in photoshoots and bridal magazines around the country–it ain’t easy!

You need space and time to focus on the bigger parts of your business, or maybe take a well-deserved vacay for yourself and your family. I can’t wait to take something off your plate and create high-end, nature-inspired, delicate-but-durable Sugar Flowers for your next edible masterpiece!

I see you, small business owner feeling overworked and overwhelmed,
trying to do allthethings.
I don’t want you settling for less-than-amazing cake decorations just because
your suppliers let you down.

When I was a kid, I used to make “mud pies” decorated with wildflowers. Now I’m a baker of all trades who hung up my oven mitts to focus on my passion: making Sugar Flowers. You can think of me as your Sugar Flower Fairy Godmother: someone on your side who’s as obsessed about quality as you are, who understands the time crunch you’re under, and who knows how to beat back the sea of competition cropping up everywhere.

I’m a baker of all trades who hung up my oven mitts to focus on my passion: making Sugar Flowers.

I’ve basically been doing this since I was a toddler.

Hey there, I’m Kelsie!

My customer service > Amazon’s customer service.
(just sayin’!)

Lock down an elegant, magazine-worthy look that’s ready for its close-up with these bestselling bride-favorited flowers:

And You’re Baking Your Fair Share Of Em.

The Knot predicts 2.6 million weddings this year …
That’s a lot of wedding cakes.

Modern Magnolia

Blush Rose

Navy Bundle

The Classic Cascade

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