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A set of three small monstera leaves


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A set of three small monstera leaves

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Egg Whites, Powdered Sugar, Tylose Powder, Vegetable Shortening, Food Coloring (may contain E171), Confectionery Glaze, Gelatin, Non-toxic Metallic Highlighter Dust (mica), Plastic or Cotton Stamens, Floral Tape, Floral Wire, Styrofoam

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I hand-packed and shipped out all the flowers and decorating supplies. T-shirts and other merch are shipped by a third party (Printed Mint)

Most orders ship with USPS First Class (aka Ground Advantage) or Priority. Priority Express and USPS Overnight also available at checkout.

Sugar Flowers have a crazy long shelf life so don't be afraid to order early!

The Delicate-but-Durable Shipping Promise —

In the unlikely event that your flowers are damaged during shipping, please contact me to file your claim. Send in photos of the broken flower and packaging, and we’ll work together to figure out if you need a repair, a replacement, or a refund.

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Small Monstera Sugar Flowers by Kelsie Cakes

✨ Sugar flowers are hand-crafted decor for your wedding cake, birthday cake, or other celebration cake!

✨ They are made from edible materials like sugar, egg whites, corn starch, potato starch, etc.

✨ They also contain non-edible, non-toxic materials like floral wire, floral tape, styrofoam centers, cotton or plastic stamens, etc.

✨ Though sugar flowers are made with some edible ingredients, they are not to be eaten and are to be enjoyed for their beauty and artistry!

✨ You can remove the sugar flowers to use as keepsakes after your event. Simply wipe them clean with a dry or damp paper towel and store them away from UV light, humidity, and heat. Look for archival quality acrylic storage boxes to display them!

Is it safe to ship sugar flowers? what if they break?

I've shipped thousands of flowers since I started my shop, and I've found the best way to safely package your flowers is with lots of padding and fragile stickers! I've had very few packages arrive damaged. However, I can't guarantee what happens at the post office once I drop off your order. I always recommend ordering far in advance to account for damage or delays, and to order extra flowers if you're in a time crunch. In the unlikely event that your flowers are damaged during shipping, please contact me and we’ll work together to figure out if you need a replacement or a refund.

Why does my white Sugar Flower look ivory?

Every Sugar Flower is created by me from small-batch handmade gumpaste. Because I do not run a large industrial manufacturing facility, my flowers will not be the same “bright white” shade that you will find from other companies. The white flowers have a soft creaminess to them, which makes the flowers look less commercial and more handcrafted.

 However, if you leave the white flowers exposed to UV light for too long, the color will become even more ivory so I recommend storing the flowers away from UV light or in an archival safe container.

Are Sugar Flowers Edible?

Sugar Flowers are made with edible ingredients (gumpaste, egg whites, sugar) however they also contain non-edible materials such as wires which are used to hold the petals together and arrange the flowers. The wired flowers are not meant to be eaten, and should be removed prior to serving your cake. Here's the youtube video I recorded to answer this question:

What if I've never used Sugar Flowers before?

When you order your Sugar Flowers from Kelsie Cakes, you’ll feel totally comfortable decorating the cake yourself. I’ll provide videos and tutorials to take you through every step, from unpacking the Sugar Flowers to actually putting them on the cake. It’ll be our little secret about how simple it is to transform a plain cake into an edible work of art. 😉

How do I take care of Sugar Flowers before I use them?

Sugar Flowers are shelf-stable at room temperature, due to their sugar content and low moisture. Keep the flowers out of direct sunlight (it can fade the colors) as well as extreme heat/cold, and especially out of humidity. Some refrigerators (especially walk-in coolers) nare very humid and can cause the flowers to melt, so I recommend placing the flowers on your cake right before delivery or pick up. 

How do you ship Sugar Flowers?

I ship all orders through USPS or UPS. Each package is carefully packed up by me to ensure a safe trip for your delicate-but-durable Sugar Flowers. There is lots of soft padding to keep your flowers safe!

How long does shipping take?

The standard shipping takes 2-5 business days to arrive. All in-stock flowers ship within 2 business days. For flowers that are made to order, you can expect them to ship within 2 weeks from placing your order

Do you offer local pickup options?

Yes, if you live in the Tampa Bay area, local pickup is available. You can select this option when checking out. After you order, I'll be in touch to coordinate a pickup date and location.

Can I request a specific delivery date?

Yes! I do my best to accommodate specific delivery dates but additional fees may be added for rushed orders. Please select your event date on the product page prior to adding to your cart!

Help! My flower arrived broken after shipping!

Yikes! I hate when that happens!!

After you fill out the form (it's super quick! you'll need your order number + photos of the damage) I'll be in touch with our next steps!

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How to Unwrap Your Sugar Flowers

For Sugar Flowers with individually wired petals, like open roses, peonies, cosmos, and orchids

When your flower is shipped to you, it will be tightly closed up.
Kind of like how a real flower would ship in bud form!
But instead of sticking in some warm water to help it open up
(don't do that!!) →
unwrap the foam then carefully pull each petal away from the center 
The flexible floral wire stem will bend so the petals can open up!

“I need assistance from an amazingly helpful, highly responsive expert, and suggestions for designing my cake.”

if you're thinking...

Decorating cakes for a living isn’t for the faint of heart
(no matter how glamorous Netflix tries to make it look)—
you work looooong nights and weekends and spend
so many thankless hours in the kitchen.

→ Even when the spotlight is on your cake at the wedding...
→ Even when your cake tastes as incredible as it looks...
→ Even when you’re featured in national bridal magazines...

it ain’t easy!

I see you, small business owner feeling
overworked and overwhelmed,
trying to do allthethings.

I don’t want you settling for less-than-amazing
cake decorations just because
other suppliers let you down.

My customer service > Amazon’s customer service.
(just sayin’!)

Hey there, I’m Kelsie!

In the unlikely event that your flowers are damaged during shipping, please contact me to file your claim. Send in photos of the broken flower and packaging, and we’ll work together to figure out if you need a repair, a replacement, or a refund.

The Delicate-But-Durable Shipping Guarantee

My goal—
save you time without compromising your quality or artistic vision.

I know how stressful this industry can be– with deadlines and shortages and difficult clients– and I’m here to alleviate stress, not cause it. It is never my intention to disappoint my clients. I’m only human and if I get it wrong, and you didn’t get a 5-star experience from the beginning, I’m going to make the situation right.

This industry is tough, but
you don’t have to go it alone.

I got your back.

Why choose Kelsie Cakes?

Finely-detailed Sugar Flowers made from the best ingredients

Fast, reliable packaging & tracking of your delicate-but-durable Sugar Flowers

Expert artistic guidance & support— your peace of mind is a piece of cake!

So, it is down to you. And it is down to me.

But hey!! You’ve made it all the way to the bottom of the page 🎉 You must mean business, huh?
I respect that. I, too, am a completionist.
Don’t let me distract you from your goal here!

Well. I’m not Sicilian… and death isn’t on the line…

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