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Can I ever! I love custom orders! Custom-designed Sugar Flowers average $600-$1,200 for a 4 tier wedding cake. Please share with me the details of the cake and the event, and I’ll work with you to create something unique. Throughout the process, I’ll keep you updated with photos, progress, and shipping status before carefully packaging and shipping your Sugar Flowers to the location of your choice. Custom orders take longer to create, so please order at least 4-6 weeks before your event. Click here to learn more about your custom order flowers.

There’s a quiz for that! I’ll help you figure out what size and how many flowers you’ll need for your cake. None of the options look quite right? I can help with custom orders, too. 

Sugar Flowers are shelf-stable at room temperature, due to their sugar content and low moisture. Keep the flowers out of direct sunlight (it can fade the colors) as well as extreme heat/cold, and especially out of humidity. Some refrigerators are very humid and can cause the flowers to melt, so I recommend placing the flowers on your cake just before serving. Each flower arrives in a box suitable for storage and comes with a care guide.

Every Sugar Flower is created by me from small-batch handmade gumpaste. Because I do not run a large industrial manufacturing facility, my flowers will not be the same “bright white” shade that you will find from other companies. The white flowers have a soft creaminess to them, which makes the flowers look less commercial and more handcrafted.

 However, if you leave the white flowers exposed to UV light for too long, the color will become even more ivory so I recommend storing the flowers away from UV light or in an archival safe container.

Custom orders take 4-6 weeks to create before shipping. Sugar Flowers in The Shop are available for shipping immediately. I ship all orders myself from my home studio, so your flowers will be carefully and lovingly packaged up within 2 business days of your order. Shipping takes about 3-5 days in the US via the Post Office with standard shipping. International shipping can take up to 6 weeks. Rush shipping is also available at checkout. If you are concerned about your order arriving in time, please contact me with your event date to confirm that the flowers will arrive before your event.

Sugar Flowers are made with edible ingredients (gumpaste, egg whites, sugar) however they also contain non-edible materials such as wires which are used to hold the petals together and arrange the flowers. The wired flowers are not meant to be eaten, and should be removed prior to serving your cake. Here’s the youtube video I recorded to answer this question:

I’ve shipped thousands of flowers, and I’ve found the best way to safely package your flowers is with lots of padding and fragile stickers! I’ve had very few packages arrive damaged.
I can’t guarantee what happens at the post office, so I always recommend ordering in advance, and getting extra flowers if you’re in a time crunch.
In the unlikely event that your flowers are damaged during shipping, please contact me to file your claim. Send in photos of the broken flower and packaging, and we’ll work together to figure out if you need a repair, a replacement, or a refund For minor damage, a tutorial can be found below.

I love this question! When I’m working with you to create the Sugar Flowers for your cake design, you are the visionary. I’m here to help make your life easier, because let’s face it, creating wedding cakes is a huge endeavor and you don’t always have time for making flowers. My goal is for your Sugar Flowers to elevate and complement the detail and artistry that you put into every one of your edible masterpieces. You can think of me as your “white label” sugar artist.

  • If you have a specific design in mind, you’ll fill out my quick questionnaire with your cake’s details: size, colors, floral inspiration.
  • A highly trained sugar artist (that’s me!) will sketch a design that reflects the style and inspiration of the event’s centerpiece (that’s your cake!), and after you approve the design, I’ll carefully craft each flower and leaf by hand.
  • Every flower will be photographed for you to confirm the final design before shipping, then carefully packaged (seriously, I can spend hours delicately wrapping up individual petals) and shipped to arrive before the event.
  • Finally, the fun part: unboxing!
  • You’ll receive an email with resources and videos to show how to unwrap, store, and use the Sugar Flowers on your cake – no matter what size.
  • I’ll personally follow up with you to see if you have any questions about the final arrangement.
  • If any flowers were damaged during shipping, we’ll work together to figure out if you need a repair, a replacement, or a refund.

Whether you’re a cake decorator, a sugar artist, or an aspiring entrepreneur, I hope that I can share some of my experience and knowledge with you!

Or if you’d like some more hands-on, one-on-one type action, I’d love to chat with you over Zoom (or Google Meet, which is just as easy to use and free). You can schedule a 45-minute design call with me here. My fees start at $100. We don’t just need to design a wedding cake during this time! Feel free to pick my brain, and let’s nerd out about cake and sugar flowers together 🙂

– Donna

"Kelsie is my go-to gal for all my flowers. She makes them so lifelike that my clients can't believe they’re sugar. Kelsie is phenomenal, artistically, and brilliantly talented. I work with Kelsie exclusively. For anyone who is a cake artist, this is the girl you should be going to – your cakes will be showstoppers – guaranteed!"

“Kelsie is phenomenal, artistically, and brilliantly talented. I work with Kelsie exclusively."

Phenomenal, Artistically, And Brilliantly

– Hope

I just found my brand new favorite business for my cakes. Thank you so much Kelsie for the sweet note and the flowers look AMAZING. They came before the actual due date, were packaged SOOO well, and such amazing quality for the price. I was recently on a show competition with many other pastry chefs and we talked about how we don’t have time to make flowers, now I’m going to recommend them all to buy from here.

“I just found my brand new favorite business for my cakes."

brand new favorite
Arranging Sugar Flowers on a cake doesn't have to be complicated!

Watch the video for a quick and easy way to place flowers on your cake.

Floral Arranging on Cakes

For flowers with individually wired petals (like an open rose), removing a broken petal is a simple fix to make your flower look as good as new. It'll be our little secret, no one will ever know the difference!

In the unlikely event that your Sugar Flowers ordered from Kelsie Cakes are damaged during shipping, please contact me to file your claim. Send in photos of the broken flower and packaging, and we’ll work together to figure out if you need a repair, a replacement, or a refund.


  • Always store Sugar Flowers in a cool, dry, dark place.
  • Moisture, humidity, and sunlight can damage flowers and cause them to melt or the colors to fade.
  • If refrigerating your cake, keep in mind that the moisture of your refrigerator can affect the flowers.
  • If you have a high humidity refrigerator or walk-in cooler, consider placing the flowers on the cake right before serving, or you can store your cake inside a sealed cardboard box to reduce condensation and humidity damage.
  • You can place desiccant packets in the storage box as well.


  1. To Remove Sugar Flowers from the box
  2. Carefully remove your Sugar Flowers from the packaging.
  3. Bend the flexible floral wire stem and lift the Sugar Flower out of the foam
  4. Gently open up the petals for flowers that have individually wired petals (such as open roses).
  5. If you are not using your flowers immediately, the box they arrived in is the perfect place to store your flowers

The Unboxing Experience


The Resources

– Barbara

"I ordered these beauties for a Vow Renewal Cake Topper. The customer service was incredible! I felt very comfortable ordering them and decorating the cake myself because they provided a video taking you through every step! From unpacking the Sugar Flowers to actually putting them on the cake. It was so simple, and everyone loved them!"


“The customer service was incredible!"

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